The Indian Society for Cultural Co-operation and Friendship (ISCUF) is one of the major Cultural Co-operation and friendship organization in India. The ISCUF is progressive Organization, opposed to imperialist Culture and globalization, championing the cause of Culture and friendship with SAARC countries and around the globe.
The ISCUF Conference takes place once in three years. This 20th Conference of ISCUF held in the year 2012, 9th to 12 December at Kolkata, West Bengal. The membership strength of ISCUF during the period between the two conferences has been going up on an average by 0.5 million. The 20th conference of ISCUF is held based on the membership strength of about one million, functioning in different States of India. Besides, there are a number of people in the country particularly in Colleges, Teachers and Employees, which are not formally affiliated with ISCUF but represent thousands of people. Many such progressive people and organizations are having close organizational relations with the ISCUF.
The ISCUF has fraternal links with the SAARC, BRICK countries and around the globe and frequent exchange of views/communications; mutual visits by delegations are regularly taking place. The ISCUF has been participating in seminars, workshops and other meets organized by All India Peace and Solidarity Organization (AIPSO) and other organizations at national and international levels on various issues, especially pertaining to the peace and cultural movement.

The ISCUF is bringing out its official monthly organ `AMITY’ (in English) which is in its 48th year of publication. The ISCUF state units have also publishing a large number of books and pamphlets, Monthly magazines both in English, Telugu, Tamil and other languages, covering various subjects of interest to the friendship and cultural movement.

Apart from the fight against the imperialist attack on Culture and Friendship relation in general, the ISCU is engaged in particular in the fight against the anti-people policies on Environmental and other issues. In India, the present coalition government at the national level has been promoting religious fanaticism and engineering sectarian violence to divide the common people and the people in the country on religious communal lines. The ISCUF is engaged in promotion of cultural values within the people of different states. For this purpose Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Odisha units of ISCU have organized multi-level cultural festivals to promote national integrity.


At macro level, the ISCUF has undertaken the task for uniting the people around the globe on the basis of friendship and cultural activities. The ISCUF has been playing pivotal role in strengthening the unity in the country.