Indian Society for Cultural Cooperation and Friendship stand for forging friendship through cultural cooperation between the State and State within the country and between country and country beyond. National Integration and international solidarity are the two main cultural prerequisites upon which our society dedicates itself for the cause.

The consolidation of friendship among the different communities in India irrespective of language, religion, caste, culture is the bed-rock of national integration. Imperialism is bent on stoking these issues and creates an unpleasant schism in the minds of people. Antiimperialism is, therefore, the fulcrum around which cohesion among the people creates national ethos and leads to forging national integration.

The national integration gets its momentum from the historical past. So I am taking this opportunity to take all of you to historical pa§t of national heritage which is the source of the present day friendship movement. In view of this, a few articles are reprinted here to enable our society’s activists to have a glimpse of our national friendship movement.

Bhanudeb Dutta,            President,   West Bengal, ISCUF